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My Story

Let me start by thanking you for visiting.  I built this site to use as a portfolio of some of my creative work, more of an online art gallery.  This is only a small portion of my work, and I will try to keep the content current as time permits. Be sure to like and follow my Facebook G Comp Designs Facebook page.

Graphic Design has come a long way since the days of hand cutting letters out of colored electrical tape for my BMX bicycle.  As a youngster, I was always striving to have something different looking from others, not the same old cookie cutter design that could be store bought. To this day, my passion and hunger for uniqueness is just as strong as it was back then.  

Having grown up around cars, it was no surprise that my artistic interest would fall in that direction as well. My first love, at the age of 8 or so, was a 70 metal flake blue Nova that would race up and down my street. I remember drawing pictures of that car all the time; if only I saved some of those for a few chuckles. Today I can appreciate the artistic value in all types of vehicles, from “American Muscle” to tricked-out “Imports”, from patina “Rat Rods” to pristine restorations, each one has its own unique and personal style.

In the Summer of 2010 I had this crazy idea to borrow my sister’s Nikon DSLR D3000 and try my hand at photography.  It was at that pivotal moment that I knew things were going to be different for me and my life has never been the same. Photography was a natural extension for me, as I found I could utilize my graphic design experience to help create aesthetically pleasing compositions. I spent hours learning, practicing, and figuring out what each setting did and what the results were on my screen. Late that Fall, I purchased my own camera and continued practicing during the winter months. When Spring arrived, I was eager to get outside to photograph cars and pushed myself creatively shooting from various angles to achieve unique looks and so my fascination grew.  Not long after I began to photograph cars with models, family portraits were not far behind. It was January 1, 2012 that I began one of the toughest challenges to date, “Project 365”  The premise of the project was to take a photograph everyday and post it on Facebook, easy right?  Altogether I logged over 6,000 miles taking photographs all over the Rochester area and it’s outskirts. Not only was I taking the photos, I edited them and usually had a story to follow with the photo. The most challenging part of the project was to come up with a photo idea more creative than the day before.

In case you haven’t guessed by now, I am a car enthusiast. My hot rod of choice is an 87 Mustang GT with t-tops, which I have owned since 1994. It was featured in the September 2003 issue of 5.0 Mustang magazine. Over the years I have made numerous modifications, some subtle, some not so subtle.  And just like any other car fanatic it will always be a work in progress.

Since 1989, I have been an active member and supporter of a local car club called The Street Machines of Rochester. It wasn’t until 2000 that I would design my first T- shirt for the club’s annual outdoor show. With some guidance from my boss, Bob (Southpaw) Cudzilo, I remember spending days working on it, (well maybe weeks) trying to make it look over the top. To this day, I continue to hone my design skills with the Street Machines, designing their t-shirts and flyers along with their indoor car show (Motor Mania) promotional artwork.

Continuing my passion for Mustangs, I am the Race Director for MOMS Racing LLC (Mustang On Mustang Shootout). This is a heads-up pro-tree drag racing series for 79 and newer Mustangs, that my good friend Dr. Jamie Meyer started in 1994. It was back then that he asked me to design the logo which would later be incorporated into all of MOMS branding and promotional artwork, including an annual magazine ad in the NMRA Race Pages.

The ones who have inspired me along the way and deserve to be recognized.
These guys are the real deal “Old School Cool”!

Bob Cudzillo (Owner of Southpaw Designs)
Brian “The Brush” Briskie
Steve Magnanti (Owner of The Signery)

The Street Machines of Rochester and MOMS Racing are where I got my start.  If you are in the Rochester area,
I highly recommend checking out their events!

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